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The Archdiocese of Tororo, covering an approximate area of 8,500 square miles, serves an estimated population of 4 million people, about 1.6 million of whom are Catholic.

1) Parishes

The Archdiocese of Tororo has the following pastoral entities:

  • 47 parishes

  • 984 missions or sub-parishes (village churches with no resident priest)

In order to bring pastoral services nearer to the people, the Archdiocese plans within the next few years to raise five sub-parishes (missions) to parish status.

2) Formation of pastoral ministers

The chief pastoral ministers who serve the aforementioned parishes are priests and catechists.

  • The formation of priests starts from our high-school seminary, where during their most formative years; young men are provided an all-round education. Currently we have a record number of about 300 seminarians, about a quarter of whom usually proceed on to the major seminary. We have about 50 seminarians currently studying in the national philosophical and theological major seminaries. The increased enrolment at all levels requires more facilities as well as increased overall costs.

  • Once ordained, our priests need to continue their formation, especially by attending educational workshops and spiritual retreats. Some of the priests are also selected to go on to graduate studies to return and serve in specialized ministries. We currently have 123 native diocesan priests and 14 religious priests (10 native and 4 foreign).

  • While the priests have overall charge of the parishes, they are helped by 1340 catechists who basically substitute for them at the mission churches (sub-parishes). These catechists also need training if they are to fulfil all the liturgical and teaching duties that they must undertake in the absence of the priests, besides their own proper duties.

3) Transportation of pastoral ministers

As already indicated, much of the pastoral ministry of parishes takes place away from the main centre and rectory, and instead takes place in the village mission churches. This ministry requires transportation both for the priests and the catechists; otherwise they have to walk back and forth to the mission churches, sometimes for about three hours.

4) Education

In collaboration with the Government of Uganda, the Archdiocese runs several Primary, Secondary and Technical schools. The concept of promoting education is as old as the Church herself; namely, to bring out the various gifts and talents in young people, perfect them so that they can effectively participate in the political, economical, social activities of their country and engage in the evangelisation work of the Church.

Most of these schools, run by religious sisters and brothers, are in rural settings where there is no electricity, no computers and not enough textbooks and laboratory equipment. The teaching and learning process becomes very difficult in such an environment. These schools and health care facilities are run by our 16 native religious brothers and 243 native religious sisters.

5) Health

The Archdiocese has one hospital, three sub-hospitals and twelve small medical facilities through which we try to fulfill Christ’s ministry of physical healing. In order to run them efficiently, qualified and committed personnel are a must as are adequate supplies and equipment. These facilities are not funded by the Government; therefore, they must depend on user fees to purchase drugs and equipment and cover the cost of personnel. The religious sisters who minister in these facilities do so only with great difficulty.

6) Economic development

In 1973, when they first sensed the presence of Missionaries dwindling, the Bishops of Eastern Uganda began planning what to do when most Missionaries would leave the Region. They came up with the following formula: “The Church in Eastern Africa should aim at becoming self-evangelising, self-administering and self-reliant.” Today the Church in this Region is indeed self-evangelising and self-administering but far from self-reliant economically.

The Archdiocese of Tororo, through its development arm CARITAS, empowers the laity with skills that can improve their economic base. 69% of the people are peasant farmers with small plots of land on which to cultivate their crops. Because of this, most of them live from hand to mouth, which has an adverse impact on their income. Through CARITAS-Tororo, the Archdiocese runs programs, especially in the area of improved agricultural methods, so that families can sustain themselves better economically.

7) Women

The Archdiocesan Women’s Desk focuses on the realities of women. When empowered, women can do a great deal to improve their families’ economic situation as well as the sanitary condition of their homes. The Archdiocese subscribes to an African saying that, “If you educate a man, you educate one person. But if you educate a woman, you educate the whole nation.”

8) Water

Our Five-Year Strategic Plan includes a program to increase access to clean, safe water. Presently only 72% of our people have access to improved water sources; the rest have to rely on unprotected springs and wells. We hope that this coming year we will be able to drill additional wells—so many families benefit from each well.


Provide a catechist with a bicycle


Educate a high school seminarian ($50 a month)


Educate a major seminarian i.e. college and beyond ($80 a month)


Provide a priest with a motor-scooter/bike


Provide a priest with a motorbike for the mountain parishes


Provide a village with water (well, cisterns, gravity flow etc)


Construct a mission church


Construct a rural health clinic


Construct a new parish church




P. O. Box 850195, NEW ORLEANS LA 70185, USA

Tel. 914-514-0183, 504-261-7888, Email:

Archbishop of Tororo, P.O Box 632, TORORO, UGANDA, Email:

Exposition of The Holy Eucharist
for Vocations

Saturday June 29 at 3:00 pm
Followed by the 4:00 Mass

Following Mass will be the install of our St. Michael the Archangel
to be followed with prayer for protection through St. Michael.

All are encouraged to attend this very special celebrations.

Prayer for Vocations

God our Father, we thank you for calling men and women to serve in your Son's Kingdom as priests, deacons, and consecrated persons.
Send your Holy Spirit to help others to respond generously and courageously to your call.
May our community of faith support vocations of sacrificial love in our youth and young adults.
Through our Lord Jesus Christ, who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, forever and ever.

Prayer of Intercessions
Through St. Michael the Archangel

St. Michael the Archangel,
defend us in battle.
Be our defense against the wickedness and snares of the Devil.
May God rebuke him, we humbly pray,
and do thou,
O Prince of the heavenly hosts,
by the power of God,
thrust into hell Satan,
and all the evil spirits,
who prowl about the world
seeking the ruin of souls.

Help for the Home Bound

Some parishioners are not able to attend Mass because they need transportation to Church.

Do you need a ride to Church?

Are you able to provide a ride for someone else?

If enough people respond perhaps we could put together a directory so the person offering a ride lives in the neighborhood of the one who needs to be picked up.

Call or email Judie 336-1516 <j.kolbmann at>
( in order to prevent SPAM to the above email address, replace the " at " with "@")

Eucharistic Ministers

We are also looking for Eucharist ministers who would be available to bring the Eucharist to homebound parishioners to their homes on sunday mornings. Training will be available.
Contact Tom Howser

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Weekday Mass

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Friday: 10:00am Adoration
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Mass Intentions

Jul 20 4:00 ♰Deanna Surbridge
Jul 21 8:30 ♰Bill Wagner
11:30 ♰Frank "Bud" Wyllie

Second Collection

Jul 21    Church Maintenance
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           Archdiocese of Tororo Uganda
Jul 28    Peace & Justice

Financial Corner

Monthly Plate Budget:        $7032
May Plate Collection: $7,594.56
The Lord bless your generosity

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