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Catholic Church

120 Russell Avenue
Corner of Hw 9
Felton, CA 95018
(831) 335-4657

Altar Society

St. John's Altar Society was established during the planning for the new parish in 1952. Since then the Altar Society's stewardship is responsible for the altar linens, flowers, keeping the church dusted, missals and song books organized. We meet quarterly.

The membership now includes both women and men with the greater percentage of members choosing the inactive status. The Altar Society is very grateful for all the members who pay their dues each year to help with the expenses of the altar linens and flowers. At this time we have a significant need for active members.

The current duties for Active Membership are:
- To attend the meetings and to bring new ideas
- Volunteering for a month of washing and pressing the Altar Linens, dusting and straightening the books, the more hands involved makes the lighter the work load.

If you are interested in becoming active in the Altar Society please call the office and give your name and number and we will get in touch with you.

Easter Lily Dedications

The Altar Society thanks you for your generous offerings for the dedication of the Easter Lilies to your family, friends or in memory of loved ones.

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