St-John Martha’s Helpers
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Catholic Church

120 Russell Avenue
Corner of Hw 9
Felton, CA 95018
(831) 335-4657

Martha's Helpers

St. John's Martha's Helpers was established in 1995 to assist our faith family during a time of bereavement. This ministry has touched so many people who have come to St. John's for the service and have said they really feel at home. It is a ministry that gives back to the volunteer more then they give. Many of the volunteers are part of the founding group.

The hall provides easy access for family and friends to gather and enjoy a luncheon provide by the volunteers of Martha's Helpers. There are tables set up for pictures and memorabilia showing the life of our brother or sister who has gone home to God.

The ministry of Martha's Helpers consists of many opportunities to serve. There are no meetings to attend. The following are things you can do to help.

Coordinator receives the information from the office with the details of the funeral date and time and the contact person for the family. Coordinator is responsible for calling the family and getting the details on number of guest and special need such as photo tables and microphone speaker set up. Coordinator then determines what foods and how much each team is to bring and call the phone Captains for each team.

Phone Captains: Have a list of volunteers that they call with the information of what food items and when to have the food at the hall.

The set up team: is responsible for setting up the table and chairs in the hall. This is usually done the day before the service.

Servers: receive the food from the volunteers, prepare the coffee, tea, punch and the food for the buffet tables and set them out as the service ends in the church.

Clean up crew cleans the kitchen and hall after the reception.

If you have any questions please call Pattie Schonig 831-335-4546 who has been recenlty appointed.

Weekly Schedule

3:30pm: Confession
4:00pm: Mass


8:30am: Mass
11:30am: Mass

Weekday Mass

Wednesday: 11:30am NEW Time
Thursday: 9:30am
Friday: 10:00am Adoration
11:30am Mass

Mass Intentions

May 25 4:00 ♰Nancy Fanuef
May 26 8:30 Kyle Russ-Navarro (health)
11:30 ♰Joyce Harnett

Second Collection

May 26    Diocesan Seminarians
Jun 02    None

Financial Corner

Monthly Plate Budget:        $7032
April Plate Collection: $7,499.32
The Lord bless your generosity