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Update on Liturgical Practices

Brothers and Sisters,

I’m glad to announce to you the latest changes in our liturgical practices during our in-person masses on weekends and weekday masses as well as outside services. These changes are based on the latest updated Liturgical Guidelines of our diocese.

Dispensation: The dispensation from the Sunday Obligation will remain in place at this time, being subject to change later this summer.

Face Masks: Face Masks are no longer required for fully vaccinated individuals; however, face masks are required for unvaccinated individuals while indoors. In outdoor activities whenever unvaccinated individuals cannot maintain six feet of distance from other households they have to wear masks.

Distancing: The 6 ft. safe distancing is no longer required for indoor activities. It will still apply for unvaccinated individuals who don’t wear masks in outdoor activities.

Singing: Congregational singing will now be allowed.

Distribution of the Chalice: The Precious Blood will continue to be suspended at this time until further notice. Bishop Danny will re-introduce reception under this species at a later date.

Sign of Peace: The Sign of Peace can be resumed either as a gesture or a traditional handshake.

Liturgy/Worship Aids: Missals, worship aids and bulletins may be fully utilized and distributed.

Sanitizing: Hand sanitizing dispensers will remain at the entrances. Sanitizing between services is no longer required.

Holy Water: Baptismal Fonts and Holy Water stoups may now be placed back in use.

Fraternally yours,

Fr, Roy

Weekly Schedule

3:30pm: Confession
4:00pm: Indoor Mass


8:30am: Indoor Mass
11:30am: Indoor Mass
For all weekend Masses, if you listen on the radio (87.9FM) Communion will be distributed in the rear parking lot

Weekday Mass

Wednesday: 8:30am
Thursday: 9:30am
Friday: 10:30 Hour of Adoration

Mass Intentions

Jun 26 4:00 Ellen Pagnini
by Patricia Mullins
Jun 27 08:30 Jim Sikora
11:30 Frances Peterson

Financial Corner

Monthly Plate Budget: $7032
Plate Collection for May: $7,769.86
The Lord bless your generosity

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