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Selected Articles of Interest

Why Critical Race Theory is contrary to Catholic Education The Catholic World Report
In times of heightened concern and emotion, it is necessary that Catholic education inform and guide students’ understanding with great caution against divisive ideological and political influences.

The Gnostic heresy’s political successors The Catholic World Report
What Eric Voegelin saw in various gnostic ideologies is manifestly present in Critical Race Theory and the rest of the “woke” insanity now spreading like a cancer through the body politic.

Bishop Paprocki Reflects on the Recent Violent Capitol Lockdown National Catholic Register
The bishop of Springfield, Ill. considers the recent riots at the US Capitol posing critical questions that every Catholic should reflect upon during this crucial time.

Social Shutdowns as an Extraordinary Means of Saving People's Lives National Catholic Register
Some Catholic moral principles to help illuminate how best to address a pandemic.

50 Years Ago, Solzhenitsyn Received the Nobel Prize for Reminding Us of a ‘Forgotten God’ National Catholic Register
COMMENTARY: On Oct. 8, 1970, the Russian writer who exposed communism’s hatred for God was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature.

Wanted: Pastors with Courage First Things
The new religion of anti-racism encourages people to practice what Jesus condemned: “Do not judge, lest you too be judged” (Matt. 7:1).

Facts without Truth, Truths without Facts The Catholic World Report
Fallacious reasoning, when it reaches a critical mass, becomes a mass delusion, and destruction is preceded by delusion.

Master of Victims: Wokeness and the current war against Truth The Catholic World Report
We are now witnessing a glut of economic and political pretensions. Throw into the mix a virulently vacuous use of the term “racist,” and we begin the emotional descent into a tribalism that can only lead to chaos.

The Triumph of Truth: Overlooking the Obvious The Catholic World Report
How do we, who so explicitly and implicitly accept the rationality inherent in the scientific method, miss the certainty inherent in simple rational proofs and arguments?

Catholic Hospitals Under Attack
Catholic hospitals are under unremitting attack—from prestigious medical journals, media, and lawyers in courtrooms.

Transforming Quarantine Into Retreat
Here are some resources that can help redeem the rest of Lent and the upcoming Easter season.

Dennis Prager: Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl
What is mankind’s greatest pursuit? (Video)

The fundamental crisis of contemporary culture and the wisdom of St. Thomas
The division between the mind and reality, says Fr. Cajetan Cuddy, O.P., and the project of self-creation, has sparked the disunity between us and all others.

China in Hong Kong: Why ‘the First Freedom’ Will Be the First to Disappear
Religious freedom’s very existence poses a threat to the power of the People’s Republic of China.

Algorithm Religion
First Things
The self-driving car is coming. It is not just possible but a virtual—so to speak—certainty, within perhaps a decade.

Advent and the Apocalypse
catholic world report
On the Readings for Sunday, December 1st, the First Sunday of Advent

Why the issue of abortion is still the preeminent priority
catholic world report
It is the belief of this pro-life leader that those who consider abortion as merely one issue among others see abortion as just that—an issue. They don’t see 60 million dead people.

The Ten Commandments: What You Should Know

Reverence for Communion: Jesus’ Words Mean What He Says; Does Our ‘Amen’?
National Catholic Register

What we’re up against:
Confronting our Gnostic empire of desire (part 1)

What we’re up against:
Confronting our Gnostic empire of desire (part 2)

The big shift in Church-State conflicts

A Church view of socialism

Vatican’s new critique on gender theory a ‘toothless lion’: Catholic sociologist

Families are a radical witness to hope in modern society, Archbishop Gomez says

Archbishop Gomez: Confession is sacred

Violence Against Christians and the Waning of Reason (Bsp Robert Barron)

In new essay, Benedict XVI addresses sex abuse scandal

Manifesto of Faith (By Cardinal Gerhard Müller)

Ben Shapiro: This time, leftist radicals are coming for Catholics first, then us Jews

The Least of These

The Ever-Present Totalitarian Temptation

Statement on the New York State Abortion Law of 2019

St. John Paul II’s Letter to Families Still Conveys ‘Civilization of Love‘

The Death of Clear Thinking

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