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Fr Roy Margallo

Fr Roy's Communique for May 09 2021

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Welcome to the Sixth Sunday of Easter!

All masses will be held indoors with modifications. You can also participate when you are parked at the church while inside your car and listen to 87.9 FM (please park in the rear parking lot behind the church hall). A Eucharistic Minister will distribute holy communion to you while you remain inside your car.

I invite you to celebrate the Word of God by taking time to read and reflect on the message of the Holy Spirit for you during this celebration.


A Pastoral Letter on the Human Dignity of the Unborn, Holy Communion, and Catholics in Public Life

By the Most Reverend Salvatore Joseph CordileoneArchbishop of San Francisco

Annual Ministry Appeal

This year our annual AMA contribution is just a little short of our goal of $6,300. As of the end of March, we have raised $4790 which leaves a shortfall of $1510. The AMA Appeal was handled a little differently by the Diocese this year and some of you might have missed it. Any amount over the goal set by the diocese will be returned to the parish.
Thank you to all who have already contributed.

Weekly Schedule

3:30pm: Confession
4:00pm: Indoor Mass


8:30am: Indoor Mass
11:30am: Indoor Mass
For all weekend Masses, if you listen on the radio (87.9FM) Communion will be distributed in the parking lot

Weekday Mass
(Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat)
2:00pm (after the daily rosary)

Mass Intentions

May 15 4:00 Kay Bogner
May 16 8:30 Jill Heimaun
by Konrad Baumert
11:30 John Aguilar
by wife Vicki Aguilar

Financial Corner

Monthly Plate Budget: $7032
Plate Collection for March: $8,864.73
The Lord bless your generosity