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120 Russell Avenue
Corner of Hw 9
Felton, CA 95018
(831) 335-4657

Fr Roy Margallo

Fr Roy's Communique for Mar 19 2023

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Welcome to the Fourth Sunday of Lent!

All masses will be held indoors with modifications. You can also participate when you are parked at the church while inside your car and listen to 87.9 FM (please park in the rear parking lot behind the church hall). A Eucharistic Minister will distribute holy communion to you while you remain inside your car.

I invite you to celebrate the Word of God by taking time to read and reflect on the message of the Holy Spirit for you during this celebration.


St-Patrick Diner Photos

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by Tom Howser and Sue Oliver

Catechism Class News

Updated Feb 2 2023
Drop off Box in the front of the Church for towels you may wish to donate to the SPCA.

Friday Soup Night

During Lent

Help for the Home Bound
Car rides and Eucharistic Ministers needed

Coffee and Donuts after the
8:30 and 11:30 Masses

Weekly Schedule

3:30pm: Confession
4:00pm: Mass


8:30am: Mass
11:30am: Mass

Weekday Mass

Wednesday: 8:30am
Thursday: 9:30am
Friday: 10:00am Adoration
11:30am Mass

Mass Intentions

Second Collection

This Weekend:
    Peace & Justice
Following Weekend:

Financial Corner

Monthly Plate Budget: $7032
December Plate Collection $10,488.97
The Lord bless your generosity

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