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The Catholic Church has long recognized that the only way that people find the path to God is through being on that path with other people, usually by someone close to them. To be blunt, no one is preached to faith, we are led, and loved or shown what God's love has done for someone else. A relative, loved one, or friend shows by their life that they have something worthwhile. Conversion will not occur without that initial insight, but much more is required before full communion with the Church is achieved.

That is where the RCIA program comes in. What, you may ask is RCIA? The letters stand for "Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults". We use initiation in the older sense of teaching and training to find truth and welcome you into the community. The program is based on study guides approved by the Bishops and tailored by each Parish to the unique needs of the people in the Parish.

The first few weeks are called the inquiry phase and we try to show the seekers what the Catholic Church believes and how this has affected the lives of the believers. Such topics as "What do Catholics Believe," "What is the meaning of the Mass", "The Bible", and "The Saints" will be covered in informal sessions where questions are encouraged. We will also discuss the structure of the Church and touch on some of Her history.

For those who wish to go further on the journey of faith the next phase is called the Catechumenate. During this time we will study the Sacraments in some detail and explore some of the moral and ethical teachings of the church. The Catechumenate concludes with Lent, Easter and Baptism for those who wish to join in full communion with the Catholic Church.

If you would like to inquire please call the office at 831 335-4657.

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